We are looking for market rate multi family deals, like student housing but does not have to be. Prefer older properties 20+ years from 1-4 Million 

We are looking to make several investments, if you known of anything email me at JackMiller@Geltfinancial.com

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Jack -- we provided 3 buyers with the direct access to READY Sellers

The job takes about 20 hours or about 3 weeks = HIRE a Broker or Work on creating a NEW Client list


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Dear Mr. H. Jack Miller,

if You and CELT Financial LLC is interested in commercial real estate and recidential / housing projects internationally, please, contact me by email: seppo.lappalainen@arcdim.fi


Seppo Lappalainen, CEO, Architect SAFA (FISE422)

Company arcDIMoy

Lahti Finland


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