Looking for Lender for a Phoenix, AZ multifamily cashout refi

We are looking for multifamily apartments lenders - lending in Phoenix AZ.  I work with several clients that are looking refi cash outs or refi existing terms of note.


Current loan in need is around 575K-675K.


Please provide as much information as possible:

1. What LTV will you cashout refi in Phoenix?

2  What is required from borrower?

3. What is required from property?  Does the property need to be seasoned, and if so, how many months and at what occupancy?

4. What fees/costs are associated with the refi?


The more information you provide, the faster my response will be back to you.

Thank you,



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Hi Elaine,

I have a client in AZ who may be able to assist you with your financing requirement. Please contact me for full details. Thanks and regards, Sami Lennox - Starlinxx London UK



Do your lenders have to be located in PHX? why is this important? I would be happy to give you a rate sheet and discuss...


I'm a private lender (direct) and can fund 1rst TD's anywhere in the US...


LMK if I can help







Structured Commercial Finance

Sami, you can contact me directly as phoenixrealestate@ymail.com


Richard, thank you for the clarification.  I mean to say any lenders that lend in Phoenix, not that they had to be located in Phoenix.  Please also reply to me directly at phoenixrealestate@ymail.com with your rate sheets and if you can respond to the questions above as well regarding the cashout refi that would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, I will check out your website.


Thank you!



no worries, I sent you a rate sheet to your email address LMK if you get it or not...


thanks in advance






The loan size is around 575K-675K for this particular investment. 



Would need to know if these are full doc, credit score, noi, etc.  Also need to know how many units.


We can lend in AZ but need a little more info.





Good morning Elaine,

My name is Nick Barbaria and I’m the Managing Director of ACG Companies Capital Markets. I would be very interested in discussing the possibility for financing on this project. Please give me on my cell call at (480) 234-8366 or shoot me an email at nbarbaria@acgcompanies.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


Nick Barbaria

18101 Von Karman Ave.

Suite 330

Irvine, CA 92612


949-407-6284 Direct

480-234-8366 Cell

480-619-6289 Fax 



Thank you Nick.. will shoot you an email.. will come from phoenixrealestate@ymail.com



What is the ltv and how long have they owned the property?






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