Share in the profits equally. We have done all engineering, architechtual, studies, application fees and other fees. 300 units approved land of Multi-Family as well as 25,000 sq ft of retail space. We would be renovating the exsisting building for retail and fully leased would cover the monthly payment for the purchase of the entire project. We would be into the 300 approved units for nothing. We need $4,000,000. Project is located in Massachusetts. There is likely state and federal monies available at very low interest, tax credits, etc...


Outstanding opportunity. Looking forward to hearing from you

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Hello Jay,


Please send further details to: and let's discuss.





If the profit margins truly exist, you shouldn't have an issue obtaining a construction loan. Many lenders wont touch ground-up construction but there a handful of great lenders that would.
Hi Steve
I appreciate your email. The profit margins truly exist. I can provide any and all information if you are interested or can help put us in touch with some of those great lenders.
Thank you
Have a great weekend


Hello Jay,



    Please send details at Let's talk about this very soon.






Hi Jay, If you are still seeking funds let me know. 



Rod Schupp



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