looking for fdic bulk reo ssesets ,lose your p/number

urgent need your info on fdic bulk reos.tks.d

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We have access to FDIC bulk REO's

Alan Freeman
NEED 100 MIL SHF BULK REOS IN SOUTHERN Cali 40s to 45 area if possible will show POF .
need S. Ca and Colorado, please send info to superloanlady@gmail.com
Hello Delma,

I have access to Fannie Mae product if interested, all single family residence throughout the US.

Let me know if this is of any interest to you.

Additionally, have access to FDIC as well.


George Lara
George need a 100 mil reo package for Southern California in the 40 to 55 price +3 sfh only .
also have another client looking for commercial NPNS INTHE CALI. NEV AREAS
Hi, George, I need forty homes under 200 k 3 or 4 bedroom ,1050 sf or better. 40 % under market price.
I am the buyer and I can provide LOI and a POF.

Sorry George, 40 or better in Vegas.

Hey George-

I am seeking a portfolio of CA properties - no greater than 60 .

if you have one call me: meridiandev@aol.com
need 100 mil in Colorado, and have several investors looking for S. Ca please send pricing, etc to superloanlady@gmail.com



I have been contracted by two different funds and need SFRs in the Central FL area ASAP.

Please contact me at your earliest so we can discuss particulars.


Paul Busby

Carlisle Realty, LLC



Yes we do have Several Clients seeking Florida SOME even want it in zip coded areas and specific counties

Hello Delma and George

I am direct to Rep who can pull what you want in Florida to the Zip from FDIC. Repeat Buyers takes first position. Be REAL! Contact me direct:

Mario Gapultos




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