looking for fdic bulk reo ssesets ,lose your p/number

urgent need your info on fdic bulk reos.tks.d

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please call me 818-970-9110
We offer commercial project funding and financing with bank instrument, client can give us 10% of the face value of the bank instrument as BG, SBLC or wire the fund to our investment banker who will issue and monetised the bank instrument for funding.
However, we do long and short terms loan for personal, business and other funding needs. And we give upto $40M loan to clients who meet all our loan conditions.
For more details contact us with the below info.


 Buyer1: $10 million in Phoenix, Orlando, COLORADO SFR REO's

for cash in 1st tranche. Buyer prinicipal needs direct seller source.
Buyer 2: Looking for off market SFR properties (REO) in Las Vegas.  Client wants properties $70,000-100,000 that are valued at 60 Cents on the dollar or better.  Condition is not an issue as long as the property is priced accordingly.  Criteria:  3/2 at least, 2 car garage.  Client wants to buy 3-5 properties at first and then expand to 7-10 properties per month
ok i will send to my sources for you.
i need your email and phone # my source is ready to do a cc with you ? can u talk ?

I have access to an inventory of 160 properties in Essex county NJ, which is the NE corner, that are currently generating $1,000,000 in gross annual income yearly. Property management and maintenance contract already in place.


If you have an interest please email me at normansutton1269@gmail.com for more details
ok will do!
sorry sick in hospital-will answer all .looking for banking doc
Ok feel better!
please4 send reo

What do you need our info for?  We are direct to the FDIC and have product.  The buyer must be approved by the FDIC which can take up to 90 days.  Also have up to 35B in all kinds of product, primarily commercial.




"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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