looking for fdic bulk reo ssesets ,lose your p/number

urgent need your info on fdic bulk reos.tks.d

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ok great! i will!!
Have what you're looking for. Call me 818-970-9110.

Hi Michael,


I have two different buyers I have been contracted with looking to buy 3/2 SFR's with 2 car garage in the Central FL area.

Particularly Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties. They will do this in bulk. 

Please contact me at your convenience so we can discuss further.


Paul Busby


Carlisle Realty, LLC


i called u and tried to set up a cc with the seller rep and u so call me when u r ready.

I am in need of bulk Commercial Performing and/or Non Performing Notes ranging from 500k to 5mm per portfolio/tape. No specific state or country. I am the buyer. Need docs (appraisal, p/l's, etc.). Willing to sign all disclosures necessary.





peter this # isnt in service ? u have another one?


Peter i will connect you to my source and cc u in the email.

Hey Michael, I have not see one real soucre out there. There is lots of funds but the system is a mess. I have had more people running of with my POF then I care to say. I you have the real deal . I would lve to talk to you.



are you really  serious buyer i can get you bank owned .



Serious and feel the same way Shirley feels. Please provide me with what u have to fit the description given.



Peter Foster


I called the # you provided and left a voice mail with Nancy and called the office phone also provided but to no avail... Sent email to you direct and that too is to no avail. If Interested get back to me for products to the ZIP as discussed on your email.



Mario Gapultos



im sorry u had that experience but i have verifiable sellers if interested?


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