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Locations: NY, NJ, PA, CT, & MA

Office: Well located, Class A & B Office properties in New York City
Retail: Anchored grocery or value oriented retail centers in fully developed neighborhoods
Demographics: High density areas with at least 75,000 per 3 sq mile radius 
Office to $200M. Retail: one-off $10 to $25M, portfolios to $150M


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Thanks for responding to my post. How can you help? Do you have direct access to offerings? Let me know what you have and I'll take a look....
please email me at we have nationwide tapes individual notes and pools

Awesome. What can you send me?

Danny email me and we will discuss what my seller has and can offer you.
I am direct to seller. Bulk RE portfolios, bank & private @ 30-70%-FMV. Residential/Commercial Assets, anything secured to the ground. My seller has unlimited purchasing power, we can do deals well into the 100MM. I can send over a NDA (Preferred-End Buyer Agreement) and as soon as you get that back to me I can begin pulling Properties that cater to your buyer.

Give me a call.

AJ Williams
Danny have 30M offmarket Class A commercial Manhattan, extremely well located, email me at:

will send it right over,

Kind Regards,
Jeremy Paton


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