Looking for a Hard Money Lender In Florida Commercial/Partner

I have included a cost estimation for the total.

1. Barnett Bank 18 stories 125 apartments completed value 23 million
2. Florida Life 12 stories  27 apartmants completed value 3.5 million
3. Marble Bank  2 stories                 completed value 3 million
4. Bisbee       10 stories  60 apartments completed value 10 million
5. Parking Deck 310 spaces                completed value 6.5 million
6. 10 unit strip mall                     completed value 4.5 million
                                          estimated value 50 million
Total cost to Finish is 32 million i will put 6 million
Total loan 26 million plus acquisition after down payment is 4 million for all.

Apartment verifiable rent 1,125 each is 238,500 a month
Ground floor retail on 4 buildings is   $30,000.00 a month
10 unit shopping is                      40,000.00 a MONTH
Estimated yearly                        3,600,000

Exit strategy once build out is complete refinance with regular loan FHA 223f Large Apartment financing.
Time to complete all this and lease out is 18 months.

I am purchasing all of the buildings from a hard money lender who loaned 16.5 million to purchase the buildings.

I have been Investing in real estate since 1996 and the construction company I use has been in business over 30 years.

anthony Lewis


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Please call me Saturday morning, Dec. 11th PST - 209 481 0514. Thank you.  Sorry I have not been able to get to you.

I have left three messages.



I'm interested in this project. What is the best time to reach you? Or feel free to contact me at anytime.


Jamal Morris


800.447.4125 ext. 101

Sirrom Capital

Bespoke Financial

SigPort Investment Co.

my number is in the post your not at your 800 number,

You can refi out of a bridge loan into a HUD 223(f) loan providing you qualify.
HUD loans are ideal for those who are going to hold onto the property on a long term basis as they are expensive to obtain and have a hefty pre-payment penalty (PPP).
Here are some facts for you to consider:
-Most HUD lenders don't entertain loans under 2M, but I've gotten a term sheet on a 1.5M project.
-The property must be stabilized at 90% occupancy for 3 consecutive months to be considered.
-HUD likes you to have prior experience owning multi-family properties.
-No cash-out allowed on properties newer than 3 years and the borrower must have held the current note for 2 years (this is a new rule).
- Typically, the most expensive component is the replacement reserve, but there are also HUD inspection fees, a phase 1, an application fee of 1/3 of 1% of the loan amount, MIP if over 80%, and audit fee, etc.
- HUD 223(f) loans go up to 85% LTV on a 35 year term
-Typical PPP is 10 years. This is normally broken down into a 2 year lockout followd by a step-down PPP.
-Loans are assumable and non-recourse.

My Exit value is based on an mai Appraisal and the fact I have done this over and over.

Anthony, where are at in obtaining this loan?  I have asset based lenders but not in Florida.  However, I will call one of my investors in Florida whose partner was one of the largest asset based lender in Florida.  Please let me know if you want me to continue.


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