We are setting up an opportunity fund to acquire distressed notes for Class A commercial properties in Southern California.
We have a funding agreement in place to purchase a SBLC (Stand-By Letter of Credit) that will be monetized and provides us $45M of capital.

To achieve this, we are looking for a bridge loan of $5m. We are offering to repay $6m. Funding process takes less then 45 days. Lender will be repaid from the proceeds. Loan (principal + interest) will be secured by a financial guarantee bond issued by CCA and re-insured by a top tier insurance company (A or A+ rated)

Contact me at amcap@americancapitalinvest.com for more info

Brokers welcome

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I am sending you a follow up email now from cfrepropertiesllc@hotmail.com.


Hello Martin,

I just sent you an email.


We have investors looking to provide capital into the marketplace 5M > 300ML Nationwide - No upfront fees.

Give me a call or send me an email.  All we need is an Executive Summary for the moment.

James Crigler 770-572-4481




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