My equity partners are looking for commercial properties in NYC, TX, FL, DC / NC preferably but will work in any state if the numbers match their criteria.

They are interested in commercial properties that are environmentally and structurally sound, have 30% worth of equity, are positive cash flowing, and must be worth no less than $3M.....there is no maximum cap on the price of the deals, but as you can see there is a minimum.

My partners are well heeled, but they are interested in deals that fall within sphere.

If we can obtain these types of properties, we can close the deals that they are interested during this first test deal, within a matter of weeks.....they can also refinance if needed.

Once you have obtained properties within this sphere, we will then have a conference call with the equity investor who will then review the deals and then see which one or ones we can move on.

Any NCND's that need to be filled will be done and sent between the investor / your Realty / me if needed.

Every deal after this will not need to have the 30% equity minimum, but all the other requirements will still take precedence.

Thank you and I look forward to a successful and profitable relationship.


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Hello Rochelle,

I can get this for you.  Please e-mail me and call me Ilona Miller 714-501-0853

I'd love to work with you on this as I have a great group of off and on the market deals. Send contact info over to and we'll get the ncnd docs completed and start working together right away.




Please contact me as I am a real estate agent in FL and have commercial properties available.

I will be happy to help any way possible.



Paul Busby

Century21 Carioti

1650 Sand Lake Road
Suite 107
Orlando FL  32809


Hi Rochelle,


Are still looking for commercial properties? If so, I really would like the opportunity to show you what we have to offer. We have some great investment properties right now! Just send me an email to call me at 775.400.1202


Thank you!!


Do you have interest in SOLID commercial real estate properties in Arizona or California? We are looking for equity investors with returns as high as 9%. Our tenants are international, solid, long term and stable. Lets connect.


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