Licensed vs Non-Licensed Lenders

It has come to my attention that there are a few non-licensed lenders promoting private money loans here on CREPIG.


For me this is an issue. Mostly with groups that are hiring people with no training or background to lend out huge amounts of cash for commercial property, oil, gas etc... loans.


First I do not want Oil, Gas, Gold and other commodities mentioned on this site. Secondly I do not want to promote those that want to leave the reputable broker out of the loop.


I understand that due to the SAFE Act of 2008 that you are allowed up to 5 private money loans before you need a license so if you are the direct lender, not the representative of the direct lender then I will allow, but if you are an independent consultant, then I am sorry, please go elsewhere to sell or promote your loan.

Also, there are a few members that post 8 items a day... We have not set a number limit, but will now have to as too many are taking advantage of the forum posting. It is considered spamming to post numerous posts in a short time frame as it restricts others posts from being seen and that is just rude...


This site will only allow licensed lenders or real private money lenders to promote on this site from now on.



JW Najarian

CREPIG Founder


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Howard, I appreciate your take on this... love your radio show... Everyone please check out

I know the laws are vague, and we are not going to vet lenders... even TBL mentioned how hard that is above..

I am going to take off members that call themselves independent consultants and advertise to others to join them without training or license. I believe these people are good people, just trying to make a living, but they promote like they belong to a network marketing company and they over promote and come here in droves all with the same promotional templates... Also if someone mentions commodities of any type we are letting them go also.

I know Gene and have interviewed him before... Great guy. Thanks so much.

Greatest Regards,

JW Najarian


As a new investor I really appreciate the care that you put into CREPIG website. This is where I learn and grow and become better at investing. Thanks for keeping watching and keeping this "potential wolves out of the hen house".

How about CREPIG adds a forum section exclusive to licensed commercial real estate professionals?

I will look into that. Not sure how I would proceed there. Thanks for the idea.

Each member could register with their DRE number, subject to verification by CREPIG. This would add credibility to the site and accountability to the licensed members.

Makes sense, but CREPIG does not have the resources to verify. We can just ask that each broker provides his DRE number. The buyer can then do his / her due diligence and if the broker or in many cases, the non-broker middle man guy, can not provide a DRE number than buy beware.

I think this could work. I'd definitely use the licensed members section.

Private lending is a JOKE at best most of the time. I have one private lender and they do not ask much other than provide a ten percent return and when i hit a home run share the wealth and i do indeed share the wealth they deserve it. Show me a real private lending site where i can go submit my deals and get funding and i will pass out or have a heart attack.

Can you share the good private lender with us?

I am not at liberty to share her information she is a very small lender tho i am using all of her available capital, however i am in the process of developing a relationship with a guy that has a hefty sum of cash he wants to put to work. When he and i complete our deal i would be happy to share his info with you.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I was wondering when someone in the upper echelon here at Crepig was going to say something.

I am a intermediary for a successful commercial real estate hedge fund that I am certain you know and I will never say I am a direct lender because I am not. To be a lender and to state you are, indicates that you write the check. Its like Richard Norton once stated, if you say your a real estate investor, this says you write the check for an investment and if you don't write the check, than you have no right calling yourself such.

I have reached out to a few people here who advertise they need funding and I always ask for them to send me a email along with their contact information so we can transact a deal outside of here.

I think you should ask someone who comes here and says they have access to private funds for the name of the lender they represent or if they say they are a private lender, proof that they are as such and ask for the name and contact information of one person or entity they have arranged funding for and do a check before you approve their membership.

I know your probably thinking that to undertake such a endeavor is time consuming, I would say that once you begin asking for information, you will see many cancel their request for membership.


Thank you for taking an active stance on this issue.  I believe these types of self promoting actions can greatly reduce the value of public forums like CREPIG.  I am a financier at George Smith Partners, a real financing firm that focuses on sourcing debt and equity solutions for commercial real estate projects.  However, I always find myself somewhat lost on these sites.  I am hesitant to post any advertisements because I don't want to be affiliated with the unscrupulous lending practices that you are referring to.  Hard/private money is a particularly difficult space to maneuver within.  I always tend to work within my own hard money relationships (i.e. people I have done business with and that I trust) and recommend everyone to stay away from lenders requiring an "upfront non-refundable fee" other than a good faith deposit to enter into loan application. 

Do you have any recommendations on the best way to work within this forum to obtain new business?  I am always happy to have short discussions in order to introduce myself and evaluate financing needs.  I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,



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