Lenders: Sell Your Non-Performing Assets to Our 90 Private Equity Fund Buyers

We are DIRECT, not brokers to over 90 active and aggressive buyers of Commercial NPNs and REOs Nationwide. Banks, Credit Unions, REITs, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies and other lenders can sell your distressed assets to our qualified and vetted buyer sources.

We are a service provider that can showcase your products by a discreet, secure, proprietary online platform, FREE of CHARGE!  Sellers and Buyers can deal directly with each other and perform their due diligence privately. Lets do business!

Please, No Brokers or Broker Daisy Chains. Direct to Sellers Only. 

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Hi Desmond, I am a financial broker that has been in business for over 10 years.  I do not associate with "joker brokers or daisy chains" all they have is talk with no substance, they wouldn't know a real deal if it hit them on the head.  I work with several instituional buyers, private equity firms and hedge funds, and have done so for a number of years.  I'll cut to the chase, I have "Bullet List" from one of the hedge funds that shows 91 REO's, 116 NPN's UPB $7.9M and performing/re-performing UPB $3.9M.  The sale of this product is not a bid but a best offer situation.  If you believe you have buyer that has an interest in all or part of the list you can get them on the phone and I will contact the hedge fund, at that point it will be principal to principal.  Please let me know your decision.

Chris, please call me to discuss. 860-930-6790 thanks


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