Are you tired of responding to brokers who don’t have real lenders and end up having you complete application after application that only goes to more brokers? Are you fed up with having to ask your clients to pay an upfront “due diligence” fee to a broker that gets nothing accomplished, other than your client losing money? If so, then let me help you. I have over 23 years in loan brokering experience, as well as being a commercial real estate broker and in both professions, I am strictly performance-based. In other words, I only get paid when the client gets their funding. I also make sure they don’t end up paying bogus upfront fees. I have well-established, long-term relationships with private lenders, hard money lenders, institutional lenders, SBA lenders and lenders who provide loans based on business income. Loans are for purchases and Refinances with Cash Out and loan types include:
• Commercial properties
o Retail
o Warehouse
o Gas stations
o Office
o Self-storage
• Investment properties, including luxury, multi-million $ Single Family Residences
• Multi-family
• Business acquisitions and refinances
• Land
• Fix and Flip
• Hotels/Motels
• Car Washes
• Gentlemen’s clubs
• Churches
• Assisted Living Facilities and Senior Living
• Business loans if you own an existing business with income. $5,000 up to $500,000. Credit scores as low as 500! Cash in as little as 3 days!
• And many more

Loans start as low as 4.5% (bank financing) and 7% for non-bank financing. Points can be as low as 3 for conventional financing and as high as 10 for worst case scenarios, meaning your credit scores are extremely low. LTV’s range from a high of 85% (best case scenario) to 40-50% on land. EVERY LOAN SCENARIO IS UNIQUE! There is no “one size fits all” loan. With one simple two-page Loan Request Submission Form, we can quickly determine 1) If your loan can be placed and; 2) The best place to place your loan. If you are a broker, you MUST be direct to the borrower, as I will not work with Daisy chains. I cannot guarantee that I will get every good loan funded but I CAN guarantee I will do my best to get every good loan funded and it won’t cost you a cent if I don’t because as I stated previously, I am strictly performance-based. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?

If you want a broker who has real lenders and can produce real results, contact Tom Harrier at 407.928.8542

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