Lands in Turkey

Turkey has an area of more than 783,000 square kilometers, and this vast land offers promising opportunities for development, therefore, land investment with strategic locations is considered to be an investment in buying and selling operations in 2017 and in 2018, or establishing projects in Turkey is considered to be profitable, usually preferred by investors, especially real estate that may fall within the organizational charts, with the possibility of building housing complexes on them later, and then sell them at higher prices.

The agricultural land and farms in Turkey are considered to be the best investments opportunities, because of the country's favorable characteristics in weather, climate, and soil, in addition to its historical background for the flourishing of seasonal crops in Anatolia, such as grains, citrus, flowers and other crops.

If you are looking for comfort and recreation, or want to initiate and operate your real estate or agricultural project, in construction or agricultural development, the option to search for land for sale in Turkey is your first choice.

So if you are looking for real estate land for sale in Turkey in large areas, agricultural land or fertile farms, and you want to own them cheaply in the best cities of Turkey such as Istanbul, Antalya, Trabzon, and Bursa, we can in Imtilak Real Estate to help you in the search for land and lands for sale in Turkey, with excellent investment returns.

Investment return of lands:

The return on land investment in Istanbul is one of the most profitable in the real estate sector. It can be estimated by land location and type of land if it is agricultural or earmarked for reconstruction. The investment’s return of agricultural land in Istanbul in 2018 is expected to be more than 50%.

Farms in Turkey

Turkey continues to grow with investments! And a fertile country such as Turkey, the best investments will be investments in farms and agricultural land inevitably, because the country has the appropriate features in weather, climate and soil, not to mention the historical background of the prosperity of agriculture in the Anatolia green, and the export of agricultural crops such as citrus, And many more ...

If you are thinking about rural tranquility and comfort, or aspire to start and operate your own agricultural project in agricultural development or livestock, the option of looking for farms for sale in Istanbul will be your first choice.  

The farms for sale in Istanbul are characterized by vast areas and green trees of various types of agricultural crops, many of which are available on residential properties such as luxury villas and luxury facilities like swimming pools and chalets.

Own a property such as farms and farmland in Turkey automatically entitles you to get investment facilities offered by the Turkish government, obtaining a residence permit easily, and the possibility of qualifying for Turkish citizenship on specific terms.

If you are looking for a farm for sale in Turkey with large areas, fertile and extended agricultural land, fruit tree species, and residential or commercial facilities with international standards, and at a competitive price in Turkey's most fertile rural areas such as Sakarya, Antalya, Trabzon, Yalova, And the Green Bursa, you can count on Imtilak Real Estate company to help you search for luxury farms in Turkey in distinctive locations, with high investment returns and competitive prices.

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