Joint Venture Partnership for Lenders and Property Owners

We are offering a Joint Venture partnership to help property owners unlock equity for free using a new blockchain tokenization model.

How does it work?

The property goes through an underwriting and approval process to identify the fair market value.

We issues debt tokens to borrow funds from the lenders

Then, the property is moved into an institutional land trust, controlled by a third-party trustee.

We purchases between 51%-100% of the land trust’s beneficiary rights from the owner.

In addition to full payment for the equity, as long as the owner continues taking care of the property as a principle, We allow the owner to earn up to 50% from the equity We purchased.

Every time We receive revenue from the equity, the funds will be used first to pay the public interest return for the borrowed funds. The rest we will split between We and the owner.

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Jointer for Investors

We are offering to soft/hard money and mezzanine lenders a new vehicle to lend while earning up to 20% returns and reducing their risk exposure.


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