Is Multifamily Still the Best Play for RE Investors?

Investors continue to turn to multifamily apartment buildings for a good return on their investment. And, why not? Rents are increasing, vacancies are down and the federal government is talking the value of being a renter in today’s market space. Join host Peter L. Mosca and his guest on Jesse Holland, founder and president of Sunrise Management & Consulting (SM&C), headquartered in Albany (NY) and three-year term president of IREM’s (The Institute of Real Estate Management) New York Capital Region Chapter No. 93. Holland, creator of the Property Coach™ program for maximizing property investments, will look at the current multifamily market, where it may be heading and discuss why this property type continues to outperform other real estate investment choices. Join the show on Facebook,, and follow Peter on Twitter, @peterlmosca.



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