Investors Wanted for REO and Distressed Commercial Property

We have access to REO and Distressed Properties throughout the US. A steady pipeline of properties. Let us know your property acquisition criteria and we'll begin to submit properties to you. Western United States more product -- California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Texas.

Feel free to call.

Michael Duhs, Managing Director

East West Commercial Real Estate

(949) 939-8352

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I'm looking for 50+ unit multifamily.....any CA, NV, TX, and AZ.  Also, in NY, OH, and any state in the Southeast.



David Gabay




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Dear Michael,


I hope all is well with you.  I wanted to share with you some illustrative transactions that we are currently looking to lend on in today's market:


1.  Borrower is looking to purchase or recapitalize an income producing multifamily property.  Conventional or Agency financing will take several months to complete. TAVAUGHN CAPITAL ADVISORS can provide bridge financing.


2.  Borrower has the ability to purchase their existing senior loan back from the bank.   TAVAUGHN CAPITAL ADVISORS can provide bridge financing for this discounted purchase.


3.  Local / Regional banks are looking to raise capital by selling non-performing and/or performing notes at a discount.   TAVAUGHN CAPITAL ADVISORS is a purchaser of distressed debt on commercial real estate.


4.  Borrower is trying to raise capital across their portfolio and owns properties free & clear or with low leverage.   TAVAUGHN CAPITAL ADVISORS can provide bridge financing.


Please refer to our Lending Parameters that were recently emailed for specific property types and markets that we are lending in.


I look forward to speaking with you.


Best Regards,



We are currently looking for a couple of multifamily properties approximately 50 to 100 units. Looking for destressed that can be puchased 0.50 to 0.60 on the dollars. Looking in the south (Texas) to the southeast (lou,arak,miss). Anywhere in the US if the deal is really good.


We are able to close quickly, we are not realtors but a group of private investors. If you have anything that fits please contact me.


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