“You got the money, let me make you richer”

                                                                                        -Daniel Ogu

My goal is to connect and work with serious and honest investors “principals”
who are looking for great commercial cash-flow deals. I have access to
unlimited Commercial Real Estate properties, Bulk REOs, industrial and triple net
lease cash producing commercial real estate investment portfolios.

The Relation Ship:  Investor will need to forward their “Investing
Criteria” and or deal parameters to me and I will match them with our database
of deal flows that I get in weekly.

I will go beyond just sending a list but with each property I’ll provide the investor with a complete analysis of critical information relating to
performance of cash flow, NOI, both current and forward looking Cap Rate
analysis to fit your investment strategy. I help you look closely at the
numbers such as IRR ratios (with investment return output charts and graphs) as
well as possible exit strategy outlook forecasts up to 10 years.  I do not stop there, I will also include “Qualifying
Risk” and “Sensitivity Output” analysis showing trends exposure with that
prospective deal. “The numbers don’t lie when you get truth out of them”. 

When you work with me, I will let you drill down to the bottom-line. These are
not your cookie cuter figures but facts based on Monte Carlo Simulation and
valuation modeling techniques.  

With this assistance my Investor Partner can quickly and confidently be able to
verify their own internal analysis, before making a final decision between
competing tabled opportunities.

Investors pay thousands to get this type of Report or hire a fulltime employee
vast in business finance and investments, but this comes as a package since you
will be my Investor Partner.

Since I also place Commercial Business Loans, I would like to assist on the
lending side but each investor is however free to use any lender of their
choice, for projects funding.

Deal Locator Duties:

1)      I will provide attractive Commercial Real Estate Deals to the Investor

2)      I will provide comprehensive “Deal Analysis” that will assist the investor in the decision making process.

3)      I will assist with financing placement, (capital access)… if investor prefer.


 Investor Partner Duties:

4)      Investor will pay me stated flat fee for finding these deals (usually less than 1%)

5)      Investor will execute NCND and a Fee Agreement for finding these deals

6)      If financing is obtained through me, investor will sign a NCND and a Broker Commission Fee Agreement.


I have 10 deals, right now that I have hand picked for the right investors.

For an Investor looking to find and work with an honest, dedicated, friendly as well as great positive thinking and legitimate down-to-earth potential working Partner, I am here for you.

Please contact me today and I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

Daniel Ogu
Money-Point Inc.,


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