Greece’s Golden visa is one of the most popular programmes granting residency in Greece, and for good reason. The qualification requirements are some of the most attractive for foreign investors: a mere €250,000 investment in one or more properties in the Aegean paradise is enough to get the ball rolling.

Some of the advantages of the Golden visa in Greece include:

  • The lowest barrier of entry among countries with similar programmes, such as Latvia, Malta, Portugal and Spain;
  • A permanent residence permit to property owners (subject to renewal every five years);
  • No residence restrictions (you may continue to live outside Greece);
  • Residence permits issued to all family members of the applicant (spouse, children under 21, parents and grandparents of both applicant and spouse);
  • If the investor resides in the country less than 183 days per year, the investor is exempt as a Greek tax resident.

For more details please call +44 20 3608 1267

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