For those of you who have an identified project that can provide an annual cash flow of at least 7% and an IRR of at least 20% to the investors, I can help in providing institutional equity for upto 90% of the equity requirements (be prepared to contribute 20% to be safe).  

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What is your minimum investment requirement?
Hey Charles,
Within our LP we have our minimum set at $250K with the option to accept any minimum as long as the person fits with the accredited investor exemption and it is as per the GP's discretion. We would probably accept lower minimums at the beginning, however, we need to keep the max # of investors below a certain point so later in the offering we would stick to the $250K rule. We are raising $20MM within the LP which is our portion of the equity requirements.
Sorry Charles,
I didn't look correctly at which post you were replying to. For the minimum institutional involvement, there are two answers: First, if you are looking for equity only then it is $2MM. Second, if you are looking for debt as well then it is $7MM. There is no maximum.
Interesting. what is the investment requirements. Location, deal type, miminum investment, terms? We have a current multi-family project in construction in Seattle that needs 1.53M in equity. Take a look at the deal
Hi David,
Essentially the returns are as mentioned above and typically the minimum raise is $2MM, however, you have included closing costs so you might be close. It is very difficult to fund development projects these days though. Have you seen the 100% financing programs offered by some people on this network? That might work for you.
Feel free to contact me anytime you need some info or a another resource.
Dear Seann,

I have a very rewarding Business Plan, concerning 'Acquisition of Luxury Boutique Hotels'.
Location: Romania, European Union

- purchase at 45 % under the actual market price;
- commited tennant (executive rental) at 18 % NET yield per annum, secured!
- Annual appreciation of assets - 12 % on average
- Exceptional exit strategy - re-selling in 6 years, with 120 % ROI from reselling ONLY!
This means 20 % p.a. ROI.
- We have due dilligence completed, full BP
- amount needed = 2,300,000 Euro; total investment amount 2,460,000 Euro
- Own investment of 7 %, i.e. 160,000 Euro, can be raised to 20 % if this is crucial
- Collateral as security (residential land appraised at 900,000 Euro).
- Prroperties will be put 100 % on the SPV established by the two parties (us and the foreign investor).
- We are willing to give 77 % of equity for the 80 % funding received (we retain 3 % for the Project Management and subsequently Property Management).

We are willing to enter a JV with a direct investor; also, we are considering paying any commissions may occur, but
ONLY as a success fee (no pre-paid amounts).

I have the full BP to send you by return.

Waiting for your comments,

KInd regards,

Adrian Martin
Hello Adrian,
There may be some interest. Please send me any information you can and I will see what I can do for you.
Seann Poli

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