I'm direct to bank and work directly with vetted buyers only

I'm direct to bank on comm/res NPNs in CA/ FL/GA/TX; retail nationwide; comm PN/NPN in NY/NJ; Fresh tapes available.   Direct to vetted buyers only, no brokers, no buyer's reps unless you represent a major hedge fund.  Dru 702-997-8970

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I am either direct to or 1 away from buyers and sellers and interested in finding out more about what you have available.


I have a direct buyer that buys in So. Ca. in small tapes, usually 20M and below and buys weekly.  I also have buyers that I work with that are looking for commercial either residential or commercial within the southwest part of the country and he also belongs to several groups that buy.  Also deal with buyers and sellers nationwide.

Lynn please provide your contact info to me at dru@masqinvestments.com or call 702-997-8970.  Thanks


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