The program works as follows: I was updated by the platform funder James.
The 250K is set up by a third party holding account at Wells Fargo overseen by an attorney.
If you place 250K you will be sent to your bank account 500K every month for 3 months. If you are a good customer, the program funder might let you repeat the program for another 3 months. This means you earn 1.5 million the first 3 months and another 1.5 the next 3 months for a total of 3 million.

My commission is 5 percent for the firsts 3 months and if you repeat the program then another 5 percent
I need you to send me Proof of Funds. A conference call will be set up with James the platform funder to explain the program further.

Note: If you want to make more money, let me know how much you want to make and I will let you know how much you need to invest.

Please contact me at


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