I need commercial funding for a land development project - 50M

My client needs commercial funding for a land development project we're looking for no upfront fees and proof that you have closed deals in the past or proof of funds. My client has waisted his time with two brokers already.

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Hi Al,


Please send me your email to send you information and to discuss this in detail.



Hey Al, I'm Richard and I come across plenty of people doing the funding thing so here are a few possibles: Mrs. Sharon McCauley, her e-mail is McCauley31@aol.com, Stan Podlofsky: e-mail is hardmoneystan@optonline.net, Matt Horwitz: e-mail is mrhorwitz@gmail.com.  I'll see about more but e-mail them to see if they can help you.  Good luck an GOD BLESS!!

Hey Al one more T.Wayne Binford Sr.: e-mail is cobrahouseent@yahoo.com.

Tamera McLauglin, her number is 903-474-1966 and her e-mail is tlmac22@msn.com.

Hello, Mr. Ferguson

Your client will not waste his time with me. I do not play games and I operate business with an old school ethic. The only thing that would cause me to not consider doing business with your client is a broker. I do not deal with brokers when it comes to Commercial Funding. Feel free to give your client my information and have him or her contact me DIRECTLY.

If not, good luck with your funding endeavors.


Thank you.

Understood can you provide proof of closing previous deals or a proof of funds letter?

I work with a company that loans out $250K to 500M.  I am not a broker but consultant, so I do not do the closing.

they will have a due diligience if loan is approved and if your client wants to move forward in the loan.

Other than that no upfront fees.  Let me know if you want more information



Jerry Nicholson

Are you a broker yourself?  If not, and I can speak to the client direct, I may be the solution to your problem.   Get in touch with me and lets talk. 

No I am not the broker however I represent the client.

Are you still in need of funding?

Are you looking for a joint venture partnership on this deal?

I hate when that happens!!!!


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