I'm looking for a direct hard money lender that will lend $ 6,660,000 for 3-5 years. This amount is after a 20% down payment of $8.3M. I have all the documents needed.

Thank you

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You can reach me at 719-748-5603.

I'm a commercial mortgage broker with an extensive lender network.

I may be able to help you.

Robert Frichtel
IBC Resources
Good morning Richard ! I offer HM loans, however I'd like to know if you will consider a less expensive & more flexible loan option.


>> Interest-only payments available
>> Up to 10 year term.
>> No PPP.

>> On a Purchase, we will consider cash-out where the acquisition cost
> is strong compared to the value.
>> This loan requires a 10%-of-loan-amount escrow.
>> As we discussed the escrow is the security for the high 100% LTV.

A potential advantage for the borrower(s) is that if they choose to,
and are approved for, the cash-out loan, they can reimburse
themselves the escrow money, but they will in effect be borrowing that money.
>> Versus not qualifying for financing, or needing 30% equity or more
> to qualify for another loan, this loan can fill a well-needed gap. At only 10% investment, even Borrowers who have 20-30% CASH available can choose to use those funds elsewhere by using this loan.

>> If you are familiar with residential loans, this loan is similar in
>> Principle to the way a VA loan functions in that the VA loan goes
> to 100% but requires a Funding fee to be paid. On a VA loan that fee
> can be financed. On this loan it has to be liquid and escrowed, but can be recouped by doing a cash-out - if possible.
The 10% escrow has to be in liquid form at time of application in
>> order to obtain an LOI.

To obtain an LOI:

>> We need to see:
>> Proof of Funds;
>> Income Statements;
>> 5-year Pro-forma
>> Financials on the Borrowers;
>> An understanding of the entity borrowing (LLC etc.);
>> Resumes on Principals;
>> Documentation supporting the Value. (APPRAISAL PREFERRABLY)
>> Some property history is useful. And the intake form will ask some
>> additional specifics.

We'll also have the borrower(s) sign a
> Request for financing letter.
>> Note, to address a commonly asked question, the 10% cannot be
>> Table-funded at closing. Some borrowers will obtain a short-term
>> loan. Or, perhaps even better, obtain short-term funds from a
>> 'participant' or a short- or long-term investment partner in order
>> have the funds liquid at time of loan request.
>> With rates in the vicinity of just 6%-9% and interest-only payments,
> as well as a longer term, the intent is to see this loan perform. The
>> Escrow is fully refundable at principal payoff. Under some
>> circumstances the private Equity Group funding this may allow the
>> payments to be drawn from the Escrow. This should not be counted on
>> going in however. With other factors favorable it’s possible.
>> Points are charged on this loan. It is not bank financing. Nor is
> it hard money which carries very high rates, stiff terms, PPP and a low LTV.
>> This is somewhat unique to the commercial lending market. But the
>> lending principles are not unusual.
>> And with property, financial and other information in hand I can
> see
what else might be possible for a given situation.

>>This type of loan also provides a “LEGAL & bulletproof” tax shelter.

Assisted Living
Self Storage
New Construction/shovel ready
NNN Class A Credit Tenant

This is a great opportunity for resurrecting bank turn-downs.

Contact us at www.zeuscap.com
Zee Sanders
Fax (704)749-9990
Hi Richard,

I am a direct HM lender please see my rate sheet @ www.windfallprivatefunding.com

I look forward to hearing from you...


link does not work
Hi Richard,

sorry try this link http://www.windfallprivatebanking.com


Just sent you some information let me know if we can do business together..

Thank you
Hi Richard

sorry for the delay, family business...will call you wed...


Hi,..Richard...I have over 100 lenders, insurance, investment bankers,.....i would like to help you if you will allow me to. you can reach me d8vhills@aol.com,..817-323-4330
thanks,.. David HFS
We can provide loans up to 80% of the value of your SECURITIES with a FIXED interest rate from 3% (interest only). The minimum loan size is one million dollars ($1,000,000) with no maximum.

The following Securities are acceptable for the loan:

US Stocks
International Stocks
Bonds (Bank issued)
Corporate Bonds (Blue Chip)
Mutual Funds
U.S. Treasuries

A credit report is NOT required, and NO income or employment verification is done. It's a True NO DOC Loan (NO documentation). You can receive cash in as little as 7 days. It’s a quick and easy process! Just one simple application form to complete and you’ll receive the terms for your loan quickly.

Our Securities Loan program will accept all forms of free-trading securities, such as Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Stock options, etc. on both U.S. and International Securities exchanges, UK, Canada, Europe, etc.

Let me know if interesting and i can send you the simple application

Hi Richard,

We have a lender that can do 100% on acquisition and rehab on distressed family units.
No Upfront fee's will include closing costs.

Joseph Cacioppo
Mr.Herrera,i just wanted to see if you were abale to get the Hard Money loan on this project,if not,pleae let me know,i am assuredly direct with private money lenders,hard money and bridge financing as well,and they are assuredly well capitalized and diverese.

You can e-mail me at: donmoneybiz@gmail.com
Loan Size: $500,000 to $100,000,000+

Lending Area: Nationwide U.S.

Term: 1-15 Years

Property Type: All commercial properties including mixed-use
1st & 2nd Trust Deeds

Interest Rates: 10% -14% (rates vary depending on collateral type)

Loan to Value: Up to 65%

Amortization: Interest Only & Principle and Interest available

Origination Fee: 6% - 10% taken at closing from loan proceeds

Closing Terms: Closings in as quick as 5 business days

Michael Carbonara
Cred Advise, Inc.


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