I have a great problem.  I have too many great deals and not enough buyers.  Most people cannot find the deals and want to buy.  If this is you then send me an email with your contact information and a good time to call.  Whether you are a wholesaler or want to increase your porfolio I have what you are looking for.  Bulk packages, Apartments, Developments, Notes, Hotels,etc.  Performing and Non performing.  Reo's and private owned.  Nationwide.  Full Due dillgence and disclosure,  This is the place to be.  Contact me Today.

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Needing Medical Office Buildings Nation wide the Bigger the Better, Please fill this out and Get it Back to me ASAP! WE ARE LARGE HEDGE FUND BUYER~
Cap rate not necessary
anywhere in continental USA
Multi Tenant MEDICAL or Medical / Professional Office Buildings. On Market or Off does not matter, Boker Listing Agent, No Auctions or Notes.
> Minimum 20,000 SF
> Minimum 25% Occupied
> Minimum four (4) Tenants
> a.) TOTAL asking price:________________________
> b.) Asking price per square foot:__________________
> c.) TOTAL rentable square feet:__________________
> d.) Occupancy percentage:______________________
> e.) Average Rent Per Square Foot Annually:_________
> e.) Type of lease:______________________________
> f.) Number of tenants:__________________________
> g.) Are any of the tenants owners?:________________
> h.) Debit on the property / amount:________________
> i.) Lot size in acres:____________________________
> j.) City & State address:_________________________

Medical Office Buildings?

Hey Ron,

What is your contact information? We might have some that fit what you are looking for. My email is haggertyhill@embarqmail.com and my cell is 973-819-0556.

Also, how soon can you close?

Amy Haggerty

I got financing in place to buy deals from Bulk Notes , multifamily and the like . Give me an idea of what you have to offer...


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