I have a great problem.  I have too many great deals and not enough buyers.  Most people cannot find the deals and want to buy.  If this is you then send me an email with your contact information and a good time to call.  Whether you are a wholesaler or want to increase your porfolio I have what you are looking for.  Bulk packages, Apartments, Developments, Notes, Hotels,etc.  Performing and Non performing.  Reo's and private owned.  Nationwide.  Full Due dillgence and disclosure,  This is the place to be.  Contact me Today.

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Hello Brenda,
I have a few deals and they are all off market, I don't know if you can do a land deal and another one is in Dubai. Also the last one is in FL. We need a buyer for all three, if your interested please see my contact information below and I can also send you the package on the deals. Also do you have any buyers for a residential bulk package? Thanks and please advise:
1.  This is newly build Hotel in Dubai - franchise is open - Hotel Hilton is ready to grant Franchise -
Hotel Hilton Management is ready for the Management with Profit Guarantee - 
However, This is direct with me... As owner is willing to Sale it because they are not related with Hotel Business..
They have some businesses -- 
 Owner is willing to sale it in 100% Cash..
However, it is stated, that this is best opportunity as Dubai is best place for Hotel Business and ROI of 10 % is Good ROI as other Hotels are earning 6 - 7 % ROI from Hotel Business...
This is Best time for Hospitality Business due to Dubai Expo-2020 - Visitors are increasing day by day...
All 5 Stars Hotel occupancy rate is above 90% ... This is in Dubai only...
However, all depend on your investors and partners decisions... No Problem ! Asking price is $200m
2. The Land Lot. 3 plots of Land in the NBV. This one has a realtor Ms Frances  involved. She has agreed to 1 point on the deal. She has a strong buyer's list that we can utilize. The asking price for all 3 lots is $27m
3.This is a sweet condominium package. It's on the Water with 298 units. The asking price is $70m. The broker in control of this is Mr Harvey. He is asking 1.5points. We'll try to get him to 1 point. He constantly gets deals consistently. He's someone that I've had a business relationship with for a bit over a year. Let's utilize him too.
Shawn K. Pearl
I have a buyers network for compelling, performing, off market multi family deals in tier 1 US cities.
Send mean email with your criteria details:    jbellsolutions@gmail.com

Looking for off market properties in Arizona.  All of the types that you have mentioned in your description above.  Additionally Commercial NPNs, in Indiana, Arizona, & Illinois 1st position deeds only.  Multifamily Communities with 100+ units.

reply to brandon@eaglerockaz.com



Alaskan Success,Inc and team, are seeking to acquire mf- distressed units, 350minimum. Cap rate 8- 9 %

Cash on cash 10-15%. . . . .  . . .

A B C grade, light to no rehab, but will consider case by case scenario. want to increase our portfolio.

we can team up an close some deals.

Thank you for your time

Mr. Skulka

skultkaman@gmail.com 720-299-9919(C)

Currently looking for Orlando and Texas MF/SF.  Quick closing for right properties.  Email me direct at j.s.w.mgmt@gmail.com.

I have buyers for some of the deals, but not out of the U>S.  If you are direct, please contact me at lynne.spencer@ymail.com.


Okay Lynne,

I'm direct and I will be replying from my personal email: specialtyfundingasso@aol.com  in about 15mins.

I need medical office buildings like yesterday




Ready for buying with cash Loi not a problem close cash deals in 30-45 days

Hello Ron,
Do the medical office buildings have to be income producing? please send over move info of exactly what your requirements are for these buildings, also price range and cap rate. I think we can do a lot of business thanks Ron and please advise.
Best Regards,
Shawn K. Pearl
SFA---Specialty Funding& Associates
Office: 225.372.9780
Hours: 9:00am-9:00pm Mon-Sat
206.203.3177 Voice Mail/E-Fax

25% Occupied 4 medical tenants not a lot in the cash flowing can be a NPN or PN

Do you have any distressed office, multi-family or houses, etc?

Also, have buyers for mobile home parks.




"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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