I have a great problem.  I have too many great deals and not enough buyers.  Most people cannot find the deals and want to buy.  If this is you then send me an email with your contact information and a good time to call.  Whether you are a wholesaler or want to increase your porfolio I have what you are looking for.  Bulk packages, Apartments, Developments, Notes, Hotels,etc.  Performing and Non performing.  Reo's and private owned.  Nationwide.  Full Due dillgence and disclosure,  This is the place to be.  Contact me Today.

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If your product is NON SHOPPED, I would have an interest in taking a look as a co-broker for our direct clients.




I can deliver whatever packages you are looking for.  We can put together a deal specifically for serious buyers.  Send me an email jbellsolutions@gmail.com or call 813 381 0225 so we may move forward. 


I tried to call you and the number wouldn't go through.


I'm Shawn not Justin Lynne...lol....it's ok but my number is: 225.372.9780

i'm a buyer if you are real.

Carrington I have deals for days and custom packages and deals available for those who are serious.  Send me an email so we can move forward and make 2011 a year to remember or call me 813 381 0225.  Talk to you soon.

Mr Fisk I would love to hear from you and possibly close some deals beffore the new year.  There is still time so call me 813 381 0225 or send me an email.

Hi Carrington

What property assets are you looking to buy? Where?


I may be able to help.  Email me your contact details at normansutton1249@gmail.com

Hey Carrington,

What type of deals are you looking for? I have lots of commercial deals that we can send over to you.

Amy Haggerty



I would be very interested in your product,if this is current and "Off-Market",please contact me at: donmoneybiz@gmail.com



I have buyers screaming for product call me at 520-343


contact me at joegtch@aol.com.  might be interested in apts or mixed use facilities in chicago or south florida. 


joe gutch


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