I have a great problem.  I have too many great deals and not enough buyers.  Most people cannot find the deals and want to buy.  If this is you then send me an email with your contact information and a good time to call.  Whether you are a wholesaler or want to increase your porfolio I have what you are looking for.  Bulk packages, Apartments, Developments, Notes, Hotels,etc.  Performing and Non performing.  Reo's and private owned.  Nationwide.  Full Due dillgence and disclosure,  This is the place to be.  Contact me Today.

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Please send me a $200M Bulk REO package, preferably hotels or maybe SFR. The buyer wants to close this year!!


I have a buyer that needs $10B all Calif and will pay at .50 +3pts NOW!. The seller should be able to do better than this as we are closing on a $3B deal, all Calif SFR, and the buyer is getting .48 +4pts. I have numerous buyers from $500M up to $10B and can close quickly Need To Close
Before New Year Call Robert 203-387-1250 email robmor12@att.net

Hi Joe


I have buyers - can you email me at normansutton1249@gmal.com

I am always direct to the buyer or the rep.  Are you direct to the seller.  I am allergic to daisy chains and have buyers all day for NPN's and Bulk portfolio's.  If you are the seller or are direct to them and have consistent verifiable product we can realistically close a deal or more a day.  I take take down whatever you can put up.  email me jbellsolutions@gmail.com if this is your situation.

Yes I'm a wholesaler looking for bulk papckages, commercial, hotels, notes, developments and apartment complexes nationwide. You can send what you have to rhudson64@live.com. Please nothing that has been shopped around. Thanks


Richard Hudson

Hello Justin

I have buyers with their wish list that are looking immediately. Also buyers for bulk REOs interested in So Cal. If sellers can produce tape and perform buyers can produce LOI and POF. Let's be real and not have a stalemate. email me at: investsmart@mrinvestgrp.com

I have a wish list from my buyers. If interested email me at:  investsmart@mrinvestgrp.com



I've tried sending you a few emails but they have been returned.

I've tried sending emails but have been returned as undeliverable.

Send me an email. jbellsolutions@gmail.com


            Do you have any apartment complex class A- B- or C plus 50 to 300 units in Texas,  You can reach me @ Arainproperties@cox.net or  call Yasin Arain 918-282-2324


Are you direct?





I am interested to know what the status is of your post.  Are the deals "off market" and "not shopped"?  I am currently establishing a relationship with a buyer that is in dire need to acquire 10 billion in assets by year's end.  I am working on expanding relationships with individuals that are direct to sellers of off market deals only to accommodate their needs.  SFR REOs, hotels, any commercial, and PN/NPNs.  Can you help?


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