I have MTNs, BGs, Bonds. Working nationally and internationally.

Do you need to diversify your or your clients porfolio? Tired of playing the Commercial and SFR REO game, or looking for JV partners to fund your deals with endless emails and phone calls with no results? STOP WASTING YOUR TIME!! Bring your buyers my way and we can get them any MTN, BG, or Bonds they desire (yes we have Mexican Pink Ladies LL, and Black Eagles 27,500!). Simple Bank protocol to follow. We are closing deals with other buyers -- why not you and your buyers as well? Please contact me here on Crepig, or at baumcollc@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from and working with you towards our mutual success.

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I have buyers for MTN's and REO's.  REO critieria are as follows:  They are willing to proof up

                                                                                                They are looking for packages from California, New York,

                                                                                                and Chicago, Illinois.

Criteria for MTN's.  5.5% - 7.5% coupon 


Contact me at gailygail88@yahoo.com


My name is Gail

                            No proof of fund...will provide tear sheet



If you can provide, let me know soonest.  Not interested in time wasters.

Contact me right away,



My International trader associate is needing some product if you can produce.

Please include your phone # in the email please.

Thank you


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