I Have Clients Interested In Bulk Portfolios (Michigan)

I have clients looking for bulk portfolios in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties.

SFR, Multifamily, and 10+ Unit Apartments.

Will also consider: TN, GA, NY, FL, NC.

Feel free to email me at tricountyinvestor@gmail.com or call (248) 289-0717

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Dear Sir/Madam,

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Contact:Uktam Mambetov


We sell bulk properties nationwide. These are what we have for sale now. Please let me know if your buyer is interested. Must have letter of intent and Proof of funds.

Offer #1107SK:  Florida tax deeds - $1.8M worth of real estate at 55% off market value!  Delivered vacant and sold as is for $495,000  (firm price).

Offer #1111CC:  Accepting offers! 68 discounted REOs in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. This sheet has no pricing and seller is just looking for offers.

Offer #1114CC:  Michigan 12-pack.  Very motivated seller has reduced the price to an unbelievable rate – 50% or less of ARV!  Check it out!

Offer #1112CC:  Dayton, OH These were being offered originally at 10k a door. Now seller is asking to bring any and all offers as he will consider any offer for a quick close

Offer #11000CC:  Privately owned REO’s.  Oh boy these are fun! We have over 1400 properties on this month’s list!  Nationwide with highly flexible pricing AND we can get you access to view the property inside and out before your offer.  You get to do your full due diligence before your offer!

Offer #1110CC:  A portfolio of 12 REO's in Ohio and Michigan that can be cherry picked but you can probably buy these for less than $75,000 if you bought all 12. These are all vacant, some work has already been done to them and the seller is willing to lose money on these in order to create cash for another project

Offer #11001CC:  Bank-owned REO’s. Direct access to hundreds and hundreds of REO’s that have already been to auction and did not sell.  This takes a while but you can get some really great deals on this one!

Offer #11003CC:  Freddie Mac REO’s.  We have them and can give you some assistance in what offer to bid to help you win them!  List comes out once a month.

Offer #2256DC: Jacksonville, Florida – a hot deal in a hot market! 50 homes available at a 25% discount off market value.  There is $1,000,000 of equity in this package!!  Discount price of $2.5M

Offer #4235KH: New York, NY Commercial space on first floor and owner’s apartment on top!  Located in the West Village.  $7M

Sophia Wilson


"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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