I have a castle in Pennsylvania and a 22 unit off market apartment complex I need a hard money loan!

22 unit apartment net is 76k a year

castle will be rented for 3,600 a month

teh value of both should be close or over 1 million

I need 600k fast please help



Very rare opportunity to own a castle 16000 square feet 22 rooms 8 fire places built 1890 once repaired will be over 1 million in value.

link for castle:


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How is your castle working out for you? I really love the photos.
I e-mailed the information.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  My number is 910-722-9550
If interested, my hard money lender will:


Keith Walker



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can yuo tell me how much down if i have it for 50%ltv? 678-683-1204

We tried to reply to your message hardworkconsulting.jh@ymail.com  which you sent to us regarding your hard money request but it is not going through. You have to contact us directly through this email address with the amount of money you need as loan so that we can give you more details regarding our lending. Contact us through this email.


do you have a website? can you provide proof of funds?

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I have looked you up and you should be banned from this web site you are a brazillian and the picture in your profile isnt even you get a life and stop scamming hard working people.

Ya right~just report to the CEO of CREPIG~let see if I can help no B.S.

Send me more information.  hardworkconsulting.jh@ymail.com


Hello Anthony how are you? If your looking for a hard money loan I may can assist you with that.

MangusQAllen1282@gmail.com  I work with Kingdom Builders Financial Group we may can help you out. Just shoot me a email so I can hear more about your project


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