I can be a resource, let me know if I can help you.

Being the Regional VP for DLG Investments, I have access to over 6000 real estate investors and over $6 billion worth of exclusive investment properties and REOs/NPNs. Do you see an opportunity where having access to our investors could benefit you? Or perhaps is there value in 100 of the industry's top investment property consultants exposing your unique investment property to our private investors or to their own personal databases?

I welcome members here to email me for a free Executive Membership to DLG Investments so you can better understand our business model, the resources we offer, view our inventory and if you see any opportunities where I can assist you in any way, I would love to be of service.

All the best,

Darren Prine
Regional VP
DLG Investments

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Hello Darren,

I am Shiva Kumar C, Investor Relations for The Coastline Management Group Inc. www.thecoastlinegroup.com Visit us to know more.

We have dynamic investment opportunities developed for our investors, after looking into recent economic downturns. We acquire commercial properties in prestigious areas with extremely high quality tenants with a A to A++ building Structures. Your investments are being a part of the down payment during the acquisition process which could range from USD 10,000 to 300,000 depending upon your level of investment. We are offering from 10% to 12% cash on cash on day one of closing on the property. For rest of the property value we arrange for financial assistance from large financial establishments as well as manage the property after closing. Coastline group also invests its own money in the deal to re-assure investors that the assets is excellent.

If this is something you can help me with, surely take a look below. Also let me know if you can refer potential clients who would be interested to invest in.

For references and our previous projects visit here

For details on our acquisition processes visit here.

Also visit here http://thecoastlinegroup.com/jointventure.html
Feel free to call me or our President to discuss further.

Our Email and Phone numbers are as follows

Mr. Eyal Mehabar
CEO/ President
eyal@ thecoastlinegroup.com
Ph: 786-251-5509

Mr. Shiva Kumar C
Investor Relations
shiva@ thecoastlinegroup.com
Ph: 212-784-6804
I saw your post and I am very interested in what DLG Investments does. I have a structured financing project I am looking for an investor with a minimum of 50 mil and as much as 250 mil. Maybe DLG can help with this please let me know.
I have a 92,000 sf +/- office building in Plantation, Florida for sale. It is occupied primarily by government tenants, as well as a few medical and legal users and a specialty school. There is $8.45m of financing in place at only 5.33%, assumable (otherwise we pay a large defeasance cost). Asking price is $13,500,000. Contact me if you have some interest.

I would like to learn more about how we can work together by helping your investors achieve thier investment goals.
Four Springs Capital, LLC (FSC) was formed to develop attractive, low risk investment options for the Institutional and "Accredited Investor" which are designed to offer above market returns and consistent/predictable cash flows. We seek to identify, negotiate and acquire institutional quality net-leased real estate properties or predictable energy properties which can be structured to achieve this objective. We intend the commercial real estate properties to be triple-net leased to investment-grade tenants throughout the United States. A group of investors will be identified to form a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) to acquire the identified target property without the use of any borrowed capital.

I look forward to talk with you soon. Please visit our website at www.fscap.net to learn more about our firm.

Thank You,

Daniel Smith, VP
Four Springs Capital, LLC
Direct Tel - 941-587-5044
Email - dsmith@fscap.net
Web - www.fscap.net


I am a financial consultant and have a very good and reputable Provider of some bank instruments which can be monetised and discount for funding of your various project within lenders/investors and projects owners or borrowers that need funding for there various projects etc. We give oppurtunities for projects owner not withstanding the kind of projects, business support and can be engaged into PPP trading. Projects such as

Real Estate Projects

Construction Projects

Government contract Projects,

Transportation Projects

Aviation Projects

Telecommunication Projects

Import and Export Projects etc.

We are located in Europe and we are very ready to take a good look at your
projects and faciliate the whole process.

Kindly contact me if you have projects that need funding through this

Contact: ... bgsblc.syed@gmail.com
Skype ID: bgsblc.syed


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