I am direct to bank on NPN & PN nationally and need to move this product

My company is direct to several regional banks (meaning I speak with banks asset manager to get these tapes) and I currently have NPN and PNs that need to be moved. I am seeking to match these notes to vetted buyers.

I only work directly with buyers or buyer's reps. I will not work with intermediaries. Please do not waste my time. If you are not willing to proof up with soft POF to me, then please move on.

This is a summary of what I have:

Bank 1: NY & NJ – mixed commercial NPN & PNs in the Burroughs – 24 notes, total $38,056,769 – there are $16M+ performing commercial notes and $21M+ commercial NPNs

Bank 4: NPN various types of loans (HELOC, RLOC, Comm Term, Busi Term, etc) secured by various types of collateral in Central California– 69 notes, total $35,411,315

Bank 4: NPN various types of loans (HELOC, RLOC, Comm Term, Busi Term, etc) secured by various types of collateral in Central California–20 notes, total $20,144,782

Bank 4: REO land, sfr, comm in Central California – 16 properties, total $5,068,000

Bank 5: NPN mixed commercial in CA, OH, IN, GA, TX – 17 notes, total $31,751,370

Bank 6: NPN mixed commercial in OK, WA, CA, TX, AZ, NC, OR, NJ, CO – 31 notes, total $57,856,848

Bank 7: Hard money lender REOs - Mixed commercial REOs in NJ, MI, VT, AZ, CA, UT, GA, WA, NC, FL, ID, OH, TX, NY, DC, AK, SC, NY, WI, RI, LA – 41 REO properties $39M+

Bank 8: NPNs & PNs NY residential - 80 notes $35.5M
Bank 8: FL Condo & SFR NPNs – 97 notes $21M+

Bank 10: NPN mixed commercial in CA, NY, AZ, NV, NJ - $37M+

Bank 13: I have access to their database of foreclosed properties and NPNs – they lend in the following states: GA, FL, IN, LA, NC, SC, VA, TX, AL, MS, CO – so they have a variety of commercial, SFR, Land NPNs available. They have foreclosed properties in AL, MO, GA, FL, MS, TN, NC, SC, TX. You’d have to send me a list of properties to check this database for.

Bank 30: 19 SFR REOs in AZ - $2.4M

Buyer pays 3% fee on any transaction to cover buyer’s rep & seller’s rep commissions.

****note***these small banks don’t respond to a bunch of pre-due diligence inquiries, they only respond to LOIs – make your best offer over 60 cents on the dollar of either UPB or CMV whichever is lower, no low ball offers. I have due diligence material available on some notes, but not many.

I have the actual unsanitized tapes for all these banks. In addition, many of these banks require the actual BUYER to sign the banks confidentiality agreement in order to do business.

Call me to discuss 702-997-8970 or dru@masqcapitalgroup.com

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I am looking for SFR REOs in Denver, CO for rehabbing.  Please send me details to crownrealtor@gmail.com.


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