Hello To Everyone In The CREPIG Family:


Lone Star Private Capital is looking to establish a relationship with several very serious and knowledgeable  intermediaries and those who have deals from Clients, that are for sale or you have clients who need properties and assets.


We have relationships with many buyers of properties, notes and pools. Our main area of focus will be in Multi Family Apartment Properties followed by Bulk Assets. For those old schoolers here, we are talking about Bulk REO's.


To give you a short preview of the type of Buyers we deal with, they are as follows:


1. Large Insurance Conglomerate on the level of a All State or State farm.


2. Large Middle Eastern Investment Bank.


3. Several large and financially strong commercial property buyers who pay all cash to close and can close very fast for the right deals.


4. One prominent investor, Donald Trump Type, I kid you not, looking to buy deals.


We have many, many more. I need to add in a few caviats before I close this out. These clients are not found easily. They are very valuable contacts, that do not play games with anyone and expect the same.


These are not the type of buyers that you dictate anything to. They will tell you to hit the bricks very fast if you try to tell them how to conduct business.


They have no issue providing a LOI and a POF, however, they will not provide this before they see a overview of the deal and make a decision to move forward. You simply just do not tell these clients they need to issue a LOI and a POF to see the deal.


Why? because, they don't need us, it's that simple. They have no shortage of deals, we are simply a team of deal makers they choose to work with.


There will be no discussion about fees until they decide to move forward and issue a LOI. Anyone who expects to attempt to claim three points for themselves and what's left over goes to others in the deal, will have their deal passed on.


You will be covered for fees on the term sheet. There will be no sub fee agreements or any of those Joker Broker Agreements. It's that simple. There will be plenty of money in the deal for the parties involved.


Now here is the big one...If you do not have the deal direct from the seller and I mean direct, there will be no deal at all. This means, if the person you got the deal from will not be at the closing, signing documents as the seller or is not the seller of record, than you are not direct and your deal will be passed on. Also, don't try to tell us that there is a sellers rep that needs to get paid on the buy side, because what they signals to us is that this is someone sitting in the middle, waiting for a check and I am sorry, we are not going to make someone's Uncle Fester or Aunt Morticia wealthy overnight.


Fees need to be fair and manageable. Often times, all the fees are added on top of the purchase price and the price agreed to will be the base property price plus whatever the points total and at closing, everyone will then be compensated.


Lets say a deal is for a 500 unit apartment property and the purchase price is $14,000,000.00. If you receive a half a point of this deal, that's a pretty nice payday, more than alot of people make. What kills deals is people worrying about how much money they are going to make. Too many people fixate on the big payday and it never happens, because no one wants to deal with someone and their ego, especially those that have never closed a deal and never did much within the deal, to warrant a big payday.


Folks, this is going to be long term dealings, not one deal and that's it. Our Buyers are hungry for deals, but keep in mind, we're not the only game in town.


My email is: jbalter@lonestarprivatecapital.com. Lets meet there and talk.

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Is there any possibility that you can do a very very fast $10M bridge loan collateralized with a gold mine?


Please get back to me asap.





We don't lend on these type of assets. Send me a email with your contact info to jbalter@lonestarprivatecapital.com. I may have someone who can.


I am a private lender/investor in Los Angeles.

Would love to know what opportunities you have in southern california.

Amir Halavi

I just tried your email and it came back.  Can you please confirm your email address.  steven.bloominger@gmail.com


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