I have been hearing a lot of flack about private lending but not sure how true it is...what is your take on it? Do you think that private lending is helping or hurting the market? Do you think people are still really in need of funding? OR are they just trying to rid themselves of problems? Please post your thoughts...

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There is both a lack of private funding as well as plenty of it out there. No question there is a lack of it, which in large part caused by the over all lack of lending and capital. But on the other hand, when I speak to private lenders all over the country they are looking for deals, so I think there is capital out there. Its just more careful and looking for better deals form better borrowers. The market and rules have changed and its taking some time to filter down..

Jack-I think you are right. I have talked with some private lenders and they are skeptical when it comes to lending but as you said they are looking for great deals. I think that there is alot of opportunity out here we just have to find it!

Good day, I am writing from a UAE based investment group.We are
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