Help!! Financing Needed for 44 Unit Mixed-Unit Building.

We have a mixed-use project located in Vancouver Canada that requires $7.5M of refinancing. The project was slated to be purchased at lock up by an LP Fund, the fund stalled on their financing and we were forced to seek institutional debt financing. The project is 55% complete with roof and windows in, we need to refinance at 55% LTV. The main issue is that we need to work with a direct lender or a JV partner, no brokers please.




Wayne Mac

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Mr. Mac,

I'm aligned with a national direct lender who will basically lend on anything in the residential/commercial real estate sectors. My superior would be better to speak to regarding details, but I usually introduce him after I get a package on things. Due to the fact we deal with private money, everything is done on a case by case basis; based on our generic rate sheet, would fund @ 75% LTV if needed. If you would like to move forward, please let me know. We are always ready to move. Thank you.

Jared Rine
209 481-0514
Jared, I will give you a follow up call on Monday to discuss.

Thanks Nick but are are seeking direct lenders due to timing on this project.
Good morning Mr Mac, In the event that you decide or are willing to work w/me ( Broker)...I have a direct lender that will fund 100% on a project like this...naturally pending the value, experience of borrower, exit strategy, etc.

Zeus Capital Funding Inc
Wayne Mac : We area DIRECT LENDER but do not fund outside 48 USA states; maybe try ALLAN DYNES..he is in CANADA..I do not know "if" they are DIRECT or not..tell him I referred you

Professional regards,
Mark " Sterling" Epstein
Athas Capital Group


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