Has Anyone Closed a Successful Profitable Deals Using This Site?!

Pardon the question, but after more than a year of using this site, I'd really like to know the success rate of deals actually being put together after speaking with dozens of "direct buyers", "direct sellers", "buyer/seller reps", daisy chains of endless discussions about who has what..., NCND this, a trillion dollar portfolio of that, is anyone getting a sellable deal off of this, or advertised on this.

Ive been posting the same post with no results:

                " I'm in need of Central Florida SFR's newer than yr1990. Please let me know what we can put together. The counties we are looking to invest in are Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole, and Lake. The closing price needs to be below 65000. If not in these areas, but in central Florida, we will consider."

Yet, Ive been marketed for everything else imaginable. Can we please compose a list, privately or publicly, of who is actually a real figure in the roll of real-estate and who are just the evening posting warrior who "knows somebody who knows someone". 

I have 2 million cash dollars that can buy immediately the real estate sought after, I am the access point of 12+ million dollars once I get the program running. No shopped notes, no videos to watch. Property, title company/lawyer, commission/margin check.

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Peter, it was great speaking with you. Hope we resolved some things for you. I look forward to getting your email on some things we can do to help you and others on the site. Your suggestions are always welcome.

Kindest Regards,

JW Najarian

CREPIG Founder

Very well spoken Bob, and as discussed during a 45 minute conversation with the founder J.W. here at CREPIG that is what we all have gained. Im still working diligently through private messages and e-mail that were once seeds from this site, and have built relationships that are so far in a web of the web I forget where they began, but they are still alive and offering profits. 


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