I need a hard money land loan for a client...I need a 50.5-52% I need to close in 30 days,.. the land is fully entitled,and has property on the land...d8vhills@aol.com   817-323-4330

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I can help you if you're the Principal, or is there any way that I can talk to the

principal for this project, also how much funding are you asking for.

Leroy,..I appreciate your interest in my post,but I put my contact info on here for a reason... I don't have time or the energy to go back and forth replying to posting from associates...so we are to do business, we need to talk direct, not thru social media sites,..that's not business to me. I am the direct to my client and I can set up a call but the flow has come thru me...i am not giving clients away. if you still want to help,..I appreciate your time and effort,..if not than,...wish you well. you have my contact info,..if you decide to move forward.

There is a reason I put my contact info on here....use it and provide yours...I am not going to go back and forth on any site replying to messages...I am to busy doing my business.

Good Day,
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I don't do fake bs,...no sblc\bs... no hard money loans 3-5% rates,...if you can't be real...don't contact me...I will report you as spam.... and have block.....if you can't be open and real... go f... fish!!!!!!!!!


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