Growing Tampa Portfolio (Apartment/Office Units): Looking for Equity Partner or Hard Money

We are putting together a commercial portfolio in/around Tampa of stabilized, high cash flowing properties. We are looking for equity partners to bring the capital to close. Currently we have 187 units in 8 properties to close on. 

- First position debt service of around 80% purchase already in place.

- Cap rates from 9-10% 

- 10% vacancies or lower

- Professional management will continue

- High growth area

- Expected substantial equity gains within 3-5 years

Please contact me for more details and documentation.

Clayton Shaw



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I may be able to assist you but will need to know more about the project.

Gerald W Mead
Sounds good Gerald. If you send me a PM I can forward you a link to all our documentation on the project and we can set a time to talk about any details when you are ready.
Thank you for the time to talk with me on my project today Gerald. It is good to deal with a professional and I hope we can work together to close deals.
have a hard money lender send info to 1 713 772 7441 tks delma


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