Great 3x Island Gallery - x 365 x 140 x 250 acre "Secret Deluxe Site" Plus 10,000 extra acres - $120,250,000 (Financial Variables Optional)


Great island with a Great Gallery

The process of different appealing luxuries, Thus this island is the vast perception that leads the love of living within any aspect but delivers the mold that gives any proprietor the opportunity to live more and revitalize the width of relaxing and dreaming the life that live for the luxuriates and others limited individuals. Conveying the pinnacle under the certain amount breathing the superior perception enlisting the vertexes converts as an maximum wealth upon the exploring difference between prognosis unveiling the greater assumption with oneself gives satisfaction unwilling the within.

Included :


Island of Whistles Beachfront 785 acres

Island of Underwater World Oceanfront 130 Acres

Islands of Questions 240-acre


Private Woods of the Talking Tree 10000 acres 


x2 Bonus: 

We have a permitted gravel pit operation under a lease option to buy. We are looking for an investor or JV partner. This gravel contains free flowing gold and we estimate that we will produce up to 3K oz per month of gold(Au) according to assay and core test. We already have buyers in place for the gravel. This alone will cover all if not most all operating expense. We have a full business plan and executive summary after we sign an NCNDA.


Sales: $25MM - $50MM
Profits: $10MM - $25MM
Profit Type: Seller's Discretionary Cash Flow (SDCF)

Also Included:

9 Passenger HelicopterKazan ANSAT

Private Jet: 2006 Hawker   or 1976 Boeing

Private Yacht: 45' or 100' Yacht

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