Hello to all my name is Frank Lawson I am currently working on a 90 unit travel inn/hotel property in AZ. We are purchasing this property with owner financing, but are in need of the escrow assistance. We are looking for a lender that can help us with funding on this property as well as grow and will be with us long term. We have several projects on the table now needing both purchase and rehab funding.

This hotel is 2 miles from a growing airport that has just added a new landing strip. The property has 3 acres with it, and the plan is to work with the airport to build and lease additional parking for both short and long term parking as well as rooms for pilots and crew that need over night arrangements between flights. The hotel is already cash flowing and this will be a big increase. However, due to my current credit situation (which is being worked on) I am unable to get a lender to provide the escrow funding.

The details of the deal are; a deposit of $450,000 into escrow and the owner will carry a balance of $2,520,000 with payments of $16,663.88 at a 5% intrest for 48 months with a balloon payment at the end. As I stated previously, we are looking for a lender that can help us with funding on this property as well as grow and will be with us long term.

Please let us if you can help us.
email address is fwljr60@gmail.com
cell phone is 240-277-4730
Thank you in advance,


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Hi Frank,

I have sent you a funding application package. Thank you for the contact.


Dedra Allen
Hello Sir.
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