I am searching for Commercial Real Estate projects worldwide that are 5M+ with no cap. The developer/Owner has to have put some equity into the project and they need to have at least 3% in personal assets of the amount they need for funding.
I am working with a private investor's group looking to fund these projects. For each project this is what is needed:
A current executive summary, 1003 and PFS (1003 for internal system/ PFS is a must to review borrower’s/Corp. overall financial)

Last 2 years tax return. Corp and personal.

08 & 09 Profit and Loss. Business and personal guarantor.

Statement of last six months bank account’s average balances. Upon issuance of LOI copies of statement will be required.

BPOs , current or old appraisal.

LOE for exit strategy, very important.

I would love to do business with you. All I ask is that if you have a project then please have access to the developer/owner so we can move forward everyday. Thank you!!

My email address is ramondostallings@yourneeds1st.com

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