Funding for an apartment building with 50+ units

Looking for a lender that will fund at least up to 90%LTV seller will carry the remaining. I would like to have a lender ready when I find the right property and make an offer, or if any of you have a better suggestion on how I can purchase an apartment building with no money down from my part. I will work the down payment deal with the seller.

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I have looked at many lenders and I don't know any that will provide 90% LTV. A few may go to 80% LTV but the deal would need to have a great financial picture in order to qualify for that. Not the answer you were looking for but just some info that may benefit you. I would look for an equity partner that you can JV with for your first deal so that you could look for 70-75% LTV in funding. I know lenders that will provide 70-75% LTV for multifamily properties. Good luck.
Here is what I have I'm looking for a lender that will finance the purchase of a 52 units building in Kansas City. I have all the expense and monthly income. I'm also looking for a lender that will allow the seller to carry the down payment for me, the seller of this property is willing to carry 20% of the purchase price. The property is in a great location between both downtown Kansas City, Missouri and Independence, Missorui. Let me know if this can be done.

Thank you
Are you still looking to secure financing for this commercial property?The group that I represent offers 100% commercial financing with down payment assistance.Your situation sounds like the perfect senario for this type of loan. Contact me:
Do you have atleast 1% down? My private lender will fund your deal 99% LTV but you must provide the 1% down -they want to see you with some type of skin in the game. If your interested give me a call or e-mail. Minimum 1M



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