I know it has been a few days since I posted but I have been submitting deals left and right for people who are in need of financing. There is still a need for commercial lending! Can you believe that? I can because it is serious!

Commercial lending has picked up where traditional lending has left off. Whey do I say that? Well, when banks are not lending Private funding steadily seems to pick up!


My company is lending up to 500 Million for principles (individuals no brokers) who need it. We lend money for start ups, gas stations, oil/gas projects, non profits, real estate projects, constructions etc.


We have 100% financing for non profit projects. If you are going GREEN-we can help you with that too!


If you have questions or would like to apply for funding, email me direct and I can assist you.



Ellynne Witherspoon



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Please send your Private Money requirement for Multifamily Acquisition and Oil/Gas projects to gervaisbirangui@yahoo.com

Thank you.

Gervais Birangui

PH: 440.453.1285



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