We currently purchasing distressed waterfront condominium inventory in Southwest Florida. Please call me at 941-388-0588.

Jay Ockman

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If an individual sale of these units seems like a interesting exit strategy, I have a 560 FICO, 50% DTI funding source available.

Hurol Samuel
Hi Jay,

I may have buyers for some of your inventory. But I don't want to bug your phone if not. Are you selling? And are you selling anything wholesale to investors (say 40-50%)?

- Dihon
Actually we are buyers, not sellers at this time.
Would you look at property with development orders and building permits ready. I have two condo properties. One with a development order and is in for building permit. The other has both the development order and a building permit ready to be picked up. The second property also has a marina.

Keith Perry


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