I am acquiring a package of bank owned townhomes in the state of Georgia. I am buying it all cash but I would like to know is if there is a commercial lender that could assist in doing a refi once the properties are rented?

What is the seasoning and LTV the lender would be looking for?





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Refi? 65% FMV - no prob. Call me a 2016160091. I prefer you send me a brief loan thesis at uswholesaleproperties@gmail.com


Jon...that seasoning & LTV is going to vary ( slightly) by lender.....please send your email & I'll send you some info on one of my products which offers 100% financing for acquisition & re-fi's





I work with a lender who has no ownership seasoning requirements.  This lender will fund up to 70% of the current, appraised value at 10 - 12% interest only with a 5 year term.


When you are ready, contact me for details and financing.


Joel Soforenko

Continental Finance Service




See my blog for loan programs:


i can get you a quote on it if you want me to. just email me at matthew.bricking@yahoo.com . the quote is free and no obligation.


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