Financing Available ...For All Commercial Real Estate Projects!


I have been asked several questions regarding how you go about getting a Commercial Loan to purchase Apartment buildings and more. After talking with different people, it became obvious to me that some of these people
have gotten either the wrong information, been lied to or were simply being
manipulated for profit. To assist you in gaining better knowledge and firm
insight on how to get a Commercial Business loan to finance any viable business
request or project, I have decided to lay it all out and give you straight and
complete facts ...providing detailed information here, that will assist you in
getting the financing you need for your project. I hold nothing back and will
always tell you the truth.

The information below, will also help those that want to work with me as “Referral
” and earn good income. Please read below and if you
have any questions or deals you are looking for funding for, then you will know
what is needed, discuss these with your client (the principal) and contact me
to get it done for you.

MONEY-POINT Inc., is a commercial business finance brokerage company
that specialize in obtaining loans for commercial borrowers that have been turn
down from banks and other lending institutions. MPI is a private company with
network funding sources that fund projects in all 50 States. In this credit
liquidity crisis, getting funding for your commercial project depends on
...working with the right people, that have the capacity and the right resources
to get the job done ...period!


With backing from our vast direct lender network partners, equity investment firms, hedge funds, securing commercial business loans with us is very easy. We have taken the hassle and
complexity out of the loan process. Our approach is simple, we are a ONE
for all of your commercial business loan related requests.


Commercial Business Loan Types

  • Asset based financing (includes Factoring and PO funding)
  • Bridged loans
  • Commercial real estate loans
  • Hard Money - Private Equity Loans
  • Special purpose loans
  • Working capital loans
  • SBA 7a and 504 loans
  • Commercial Debt Consolidation Services (help to avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure)
  • JV Partnership Placements ($2,500,000.00 minimum)


Property Types:

  • Raw/Undeveloped land
  • Owner occupied properties
  • Multi-family complexes
  • Office Buildings
  • Broken Condo developments
  • Warehouses
  • Mobile Home Park
  • Industrial Parks
  • Retail
  • Shopping Centers
  • Mixed Use
  • Health Care
  • Sale Lease-backs


Credit Requirements:
1) 550+ FICO Score for Hard Money and Private Equity.
2) 500+ FICO Score for Asset Based Lending
3) 620+ FICO Score for SBA (7a & 504) Loans.
4) 660+ FICO Score for Conforming Loans Large Size - $2 million and up.


Hard Money Loan Parameters ... (Small - Mid Size)
Amount: $100,000 - no upper limit cap.
Loan-to-value: Up to 75% on improved property. Up to 50% on fully entitled
Rates: As low as 10.99 fixed, interest only
Fees: As low as 3 points
Terms: 1-3 years

Conforming Loans (Large-Size)
Loan Parameters ...
Amount: $2,000,000.00 - no upper limit cap.
Loan-to-value: Up to 90%
Rates: factored to prime (as low as 4% but varies)
Term: Fixed rate with 25 year amortization (30 year option available)
Fees: 1 point or less


A) We have specific forms for each area that you will need financing for, so
please contact me for “Area Specific” forms and details.B) For Investors
seriously looking for financing and having difficulty getting it from their
banks (due to tight credit market conditions and new government regulations),
we can help.

B) If you are serious and need funding for your Commercial Real Estate project,
you need to contact us ...ASAP.

C) If any one tells you that you can get financing without any forms to
complete ....they are not telling you the truth, but I will.

So to help you get a complete picture and getting you ready to start the
process of obtaining financing for your commercial real estate funding, please
familiarize yourself with the items you will need and work with your seller, to
get those items in place so you can submit with your completed loan application

FACT #1: The more complete your package, the quicker the
underwriting, approval and close for your loan.

FACT #2: With quality preliminary information, we can get you LOI
within 24-48hr and firm Commitment within 48-72hrs.

**If any one tell you different, then in my humble opinion I'll respectfully
tell them that they are being less than honest with you.


Loan Request / Submission Check List -

We want to respond to you in a timely manner. In order to expedite loan
processing, we ask that you provide the following information if applicable in
your submission package. For specific transactions, we may require additional

1. Loan Request Summary - we can provide “Funding Request Intake Form”
(to guide you through this process).

2. Credit Authorization Form

3. Property Information
a. Last two years (plus year-to-date) Income Statements
b. Copies of leases
c. Pictures of property (color - the more the better)

4. Third Party Reports (if applicable)

a. Existing appraisal
b. Environmental engineering
c. Title
d. Survey reports

5. Contracts or Agreements (between you and seller)

6. Loan Payoff Letters - Statements- (from current lender on your note)

7. Borrower Information:

a. Personal Financial Statement
b. Past two years tax returns (signed form 4506)
c. Tax returns and financial statements for business entities which will act as
borrower (if applicable)
d. Resume or personal history description of borrower and key principals
e. Credit report (if available, if not then my lender will pull credit but
borrower will need to pay them directly).

These forms are will enable us to submit your package to our lenders and obtain
financing for you.

PS: If you are interested in
making serious money with me and you are in contact with investors looking for
financing to purchase Commercial Real Estate Property, purchase bulk REO note
pools, having problem refinancing or are distressed and looking to avoid
bankruptcy (or foreclosure), then refer them to me, and earn monthly income. I
will pay you a commission split “not a token referral fee”, but a
sizable commission split.

I look forward to helping you and or your clients to get financing they need
for that hard to place project. 

Daniel Ogu
Money-Point Inc


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