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I'm a real estate investor in Houston, TX and I'm looking for investment funding to fund properties that I buy and rehab.I give 12% on your investment or 16% on the company profit, which ever is highest. so I would like to get fix/flip loads.Please contact me at email: or (832) 670-3374 .

or Business Owner/Project facilitator

Thanks for connecting with me. we are facilitator to an Investor & projects financier/lender who provide funding for viable projects/Business in form of Debt finance at an interest rate of 2.5%, 3% 4.7% return on investment/loans with 2 years (24Months Moratorium) before the commencement of loan repayment.
We are most interested in viable projects such as: Energy renewable projects, mining projects, Medical and Health care projects, Real estate projects, start-up projects, agricultural projects and business expansions in general.

We are financing private viable Projects up to the tune of 1 Billion Dollars ($1 Billion USD) on Roll & Extension R&E. Borrowers seeking funding for viable projects are to forward a comprehensive business plans to us for a review
For details contact us via our email:

Mr.Olev Neuhoff
Accredited Mandate
Telephone/Whatsapp +37257587016

Dear Madam,


This is with reference to the posting on CREPEG forum.


We are facilitator / broker on behalf of our clients worldwide who has projects needing funding for the implementation.


In view of this, we  have two projects ready to take off  one project from Sri Lanka and another from Andorra (Spain). They are respectively need 30 m USD and 60 m USD capital.


Both are housing constructions.


1. Project in Sri Lanka, Winrose Property Developers Pvt Ltd,

- Free hold private land

- High demand in the market

- Single housing by demand, 450 units

- Local banks ready to fund buyers, so pre sale is guaranteed

- High turnover and short term exit (max 08 years)

- JV share negotiable

- Investor could hold land as well as larger company shares as collateral.

- Our commission from local developer is agreed. (Let me know % and terms sheet with offer)


This client is very good to work with. Very stable company and banks are very good with him.  If this is done he will give more similar infrastructure projects which is in pipeline through same company. All lands private owned.


2. Andorra project is from my contact in Spain Mr. Santi Radua and Mr. Rolf Kessel 


Santi Raduà



Skype : santiradua62


Many offers come on the internet for funding and they end up in asking various upfront fees and never works while lot of clients have been played out.  The clients now are negative to the demand of any upfront payments.


We as facilitator is seeking only success fee upon closing a deal.


Await your feedback.



Our contact;


"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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