A Fast Credit Line Funding for USA and  International Securities Collateral

Stock Leverage Line Funding is a “non-purpose” securities portfolio-based credit line (stock loan) that is intended for any purpose other than the buying of more marginal stock.  It is a wholesale facility customized for project funding,franchise, business acquisition, and commercial real estate with many features designed to benefit these markets. 

You get the benefits of a U.S.-based loan that still allows you to keep your stock. The flexibility without dependence on credit, No restriction on use of funds except that they cannot be used to purchase more marginable securities. Also quick funding in 1-2 weeks, rate between 2.5% - 4.5% , LTV up to 80% with 3-10 yrs loan terms or longer. Public, well-known institutional lender with experienced, SIPC/FINRA-member facilities and advisers.

Applying for a stock loan is very simple. You only need a recent brokerage statement and a passport or driver’s license, and you apply via our secure (256-bit encrypted and https) application form on our website. The form is entirely online and the brokerage statement and ID are held in strict confidence per our privacy policy and used solely to determine your terms. All documents are purged from our systems once your documents have been analyzed by licensed lending institution and your term sheet has been generated and delivered to you.

Please visit eCap for further information… www.ecapitalfund.net   Also see our Op credit line financing against tax-deferred Operating Partnership Units, the non-public-market traded security for REIT owners.

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