Exclusive Portfolios of Distressed Properties Available


Attn: Buyers & Buyer Rep’s,

I have teamed up with a Licensed Commercial & Residential Real Estate Broker to provide a source of distressed properties with established relationships from over 60 banks and lenders eager to offload a collective $8B of off-market, non-performing asset portfolios from JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and City Group just to name a few.  Both residential and commercial properties are available.  

There are 3 different investment levels starting at $50M, progressing to $100M and the highest, $200M+.  An individual buyer is allowed to syndicate with other investors to achieve the various levels but one of the buyer's has to be designated as having full control over the collective funds / sole decision maker BEFORE any inventory is pulled without having to gain approval from the other buyers or capital providers.  Buyer needs to be all cash only with no financing contingency allowed.  Potential alternative funding methods include either or both a pre-established line of credit and or investment capital from a private funding source as long as the source will grant you complete and uninterrupted control of the funds from POF verification until closing, then this might work but is subject to approval by the Platform Manager.  Creative financing such as down payment assistance is not allowed, therefore the Contract Price on the Purchase/Sale Agreement needs to be at the agreed upon discounted price.  

There is no requirement for earnest money either before or after the inspection period.  Instead, the entire amount of the purchase price plus closing costs/fees must be deposited immediately with the Closing Agency of your choice after the Purchase/Sale Agreement is signed with the closing taking place within 5 - 10 days.

At the $200M investment level, the buyer has 4 key benefits over the other 2 levels:

Direct Access –      Inventory Pulled Straight from the Banks/Lenders Rather than

                             Repackaged Properties from Larger Buyer’s Prior Acquisitions

Priority Access –    Your LOI’s are Filled First

Larger Inventory –    More Precise Matching of Your Property Parameters from the LOI

Higher Discounts –  With Volume Comes More Aggressive Pricing

Typically these offerings have 25% - 75% discounts depending on asset class, location and investment level including additional pricing flexibility for negotiations with 30 days exclusivity as your specific properties will be marked, "Unavailable" in the database.  Cherry-Picking is allowed with no obligation to purchase anything.   If you are the Buyer/Buyer Group, fee is 4% or 5% if you are a Rep/Agent and direct to the Buyer/Buyer Group, with this extra 1% to you. Yes that is $500K to $2M+ per closing.

Compared with the typical limited information availability for off-market properties, due diligence packages will be very thorough with Offering Memorandum's, financials, rent rolls, environmental studies (if available), estoppel certificates, etc.  If anything is missing or additional documentation is requested and if it either takes too long to provide or is not able to be provided, seller would be amenable to either or both an inspection period extension or warrant additional discount due to the buyer's increased risk for an incomplete DD package.

After verification of your current POF documentation by the Platform Manager and completion of the NCND and LOI, matched properties should begin to be available in about 3 - 4 weeks @ the $200M (longer if < $200M) level depending on how many requests are ahead of yours.

If you have genuine interest in pursuing this further, please answer the following questions:

  • What is your role in this transaction; Indirect or Direct Intermediary (Rep, Agent etc.), individual buyer or amongst a group of buyers?
  • If you are an individual buyer or group buyer, what is the source of your available investment funds (Cash, Credit Line, Private Funding Source or Combination of Sources)?
  • At what level are you or your group or buyer(s) liquid enough to participate at?
  • If with a group of buyers, will they grant you control of the collective group funds and the sole decision maker?
  • If the buyer(s) are using a private funding source, will they be able to provide a POF at this early stage in the process? 
  • If the buyer(s) are using a private funding source, will they grant only one buyer complete and uninterrupted control of the funds starting at POF verification through the closing?
  • If yes, will your private funding source transfer the full balance of funds to escrow to the Closing Agency of your choice as soon as the Purchase/Sale Agreement is signed?

Then, a series of conference calls can be held to introduce you and possibly your buyer(s) to the RE Broker and I, and if needed, with an Officer from the Platform on the second call.

Thank you,

Patrick O’Flaherty

[equity] [elite] [at] [gmail] [dot] [com]


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 We provide bridge loans for deal such as these. Private banking structured commercial finance. www.mckinneyrealestateinvestments.com. 888-248-4490.  713-203-3648 direct

I only need to know the 1) current NOI, 2) NOI pro-forma, 3) current Debt structure 4) sources and uses 5) exit strategy 6) location,  fast closing, quick turn around. 


I have a number of buyers looking for distressed situations for multi-family, SFRs, retail, office buildings, etc.  Also have 1 buyer looking for hotels or M/F in New York if you have any of those.

You can email me at lynne.spencer@ymail.com


Please call Carla I have buyers carlamack@rocketmail.com loi and pof ready to go 678-933-3146


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